Join us September 1 and 2 in magical Taos, New Mexico for a weekend of exceptional yoga offerings for the whole family. Shop local vendors, taste the native fare and indulge your desire for metaphysical discovery.

  • Single Day and Weekend Passes

    With over 18 educational workshops taught by experts in their fields, the value of your experience is priceless.

  • Great Deals and Discounts!

    • Show us your ticket from the Field Trippin' Fest and we will give you $10 off at the door.
    • Use the coupon code TYF2018 to get a discount at the Field Trippin' Fest. Go to: www.FieldTrippinFest.com
    • Click on the link below to complete a survey for $10 off your Taos Yoga Festival ticket.

  • Camping at Hotel Luna Mystica

    There is no on-site camping for the festival this year, but we can recommend that you stay with our friends over at Hotel Luna Mystica. The rates are amazing, the amenities are brand new, and the hospitality is top notch.

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  • This Charitable Event Benefits the following Local Organizations:

    Your ticket supports the causes that means so much to the community of Taos.

    Sustenance Research Institute (SRI)

    Our Mission: To Promote Sustainability at the most Local levels through Science and Education

    You are supporting the development of mindfulness curriculum in the local schools. Our program, Metamorphosis: Effective Thinking, is a critical thinking program that introduces children to the concepts of awareness, sustainability, and effective thinking. Giving children the tools to positively navigate an ever-shifting society while they are young enables them to reach their personal goals, both short term and life-long. Based on a classical standard of ethics, Metamorphosis provides a 12-week curriculum designed to address the human needs of every child, allowing them a safe space for self-expression and epistemological exploration. Learn more at www.VisitSRI.org.

    Community Against Violence (CAV)

    Our Mission: To Foster and Support a Community free from all forms of domestic and sexual violence.

    CAV offers a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline (575.758.9888) for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We provide legal and medical advocacy services, counseling and support groups, children’s programs, community prevention and outreach programs, and are able to provide information and resources for those in need.

    CAV also has an on-site emergency shelter for adults and children, and offers short and long-term transitional housing programs. All Services are FREE & Confidential

    Field Institute of Taos (FITaos)

    Field Institute of Taos offers fun, successful outdoor education programs focused on active, hands-on learning experiences since 1996. 

    Based in the local outdoor environment, our exciting summer camps, community outreach and after-school mountain bike sessions are focused on adventure, natural sciences, and local culture. In addition, Team F.I.Taos is a cycling team encompassing all ages and all abilities. All of our programs have a strong mentorship component encouraging youth and adults to share their knowledge and support each other. Our primary goals are to provide experiential, environmental education, promote the learning of outdoor skills, emotional intelligence and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle to everybody we can. We provide scholarships and grants to make this possible. Please consider joining us for a program or supporting our 501(c)3 organization today!

    Learn more at www.FITaos.org

  • Sharing the magic of Taos around the World

    #TYF Rocks!

    TYF Rocks are our way of sharing the natural beauty and artistry of Taos, New Mexico around the world.

    Each rock is from the Taos area and is hand painted by a local Taos artist. Promoting the festival sustainably and irresistibly, each rock is infused with the powerful Energy of Taos, NM...pass it on!

    Share It !

    Be sure to take a photo of the rock's new home and share it with us on Facebook and Instagram. #TYFRocks